Local Spray Artist Visits Hanawalt for 5th grade Project

Traditionally, the fifth grade students at Hanawalt every year leave something behind as a gift to the school when they make the transition from elementary to middle school.  The 5th grade gift is at Hanawalt comes in the form of art. Some past examples can be seen throughout the halls and exterior of Hanawalt Elementary. The art works range from large murals to small paintings, to sculptures, all created by the students themselves. As alumni students of Hanawalt are finishing up their senior year, they make a trip back home to Hanawalt one last time for a senior breakfast and to take a look at their senior gift of art. Some of these pieces have a time capsule of sorts in forms of notes or letters to themselves. It becomes one last piece to take with them on their journey after graduation.

This year is no different. Local spray artist Asphate Woodhavet sat down with the 5th grade class to introduce the skill of paint graffiti. Students listened to Asphate’s story and viewed many of his works through a slide presentation. They were then given time to brainstorm what they would like to see in their mural.  There are also plans to secure a time capsule to themselves. This is set to come together during the Day in the Arts on April 12th. So as you are driving back and forth on 56th street these next few weeks, take a look at the blank canvas that won’t be there much longer.

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