Iowa Wild Visit Hanawalt 4th Grade

Hanawalt Elementary School had visitors this past Wednesday that had all the 4th grade classes excited. The PE classes were finishing up their hockey classes this week by completing their skills assessment. All 4th grade classes attended a session put on by the Iowa Wild. Ms. Manning, Hanawalt’s PE teacher, invited the Wild to make connections between sports and “Healthy Choices, Healthy Life.” The players showed off some of their hockey skills and gave tips to the students. The players also discussed being active, and how that can help your overall health. They highlighted  regular physical activity can also:

  • Increase flexibility
  • Create more energy
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Improve self-esteem and deal with stress
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Students were challenged to make better healthy choices by choosing healthier snacks, cutting down on their screen time, exercising for 20 minute or more, and getting at least 9 hours of sleep. The Wild offered each student 1 free game ticket (Sun-Thurs) to anyone that records his or her healthy choices for one week. All they have to do is bring a completed chart to The Wells Fargo Arena Box Office. Thank you Ms. Manning and Iowa Wild for visiting Hanawalt.

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