Hanawalt Students Participate in GT Science Fair

The GT Science Fair was held on February 27 at Central Campus for GT students who chose to participate.It was a great opportunity to pursue an interest in science and learn more about the scientific process. Students tested out their hypotheses through experimentation and created a display to present. Students who choose to compete had their project judged using a rubric.  Grade level awards were given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Congratulations to Lilah Sidon for earning 1st place for 4th grade and to partners Calia White and Malaika Hollis for 2nd place in 4th grade.  Also participating from Hanawalt were:  Will Franks, Marcus Clutter, Carter Naumann, Blake Rehman, Peter Swanson, Adelle Van Vleet, Zakary White and Katherine Zuck.

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