Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook


Our mission is to be a community of leaders and learners striving to achieve our full potential.


Hanawalt is a student centered community focused on growth as leaders and learners.

Core Values:

  1. Collaboration and connections with all stakeholders
  2. Innovative instruction and leadership
  3. Community minded
  4. Leadership in and out of the classroom
  5. Student Centered decision making
  6. Growth in all areas: Mind, Body and Spirit

Listed below is some of the information you will need to have a successful school year. More detailed information is available in the Parent Handbook on the DMPS Site.


Collaboration/Communication is one of the core values that we will be focused on this year. We are trying to up our level of home/school connection. Ways we communicate: Hanawalt Website, Infinite Campus Messenger, SchoolCNXT, Twitter @hanawalthawks, classroom blogs and websites, classroom newsletters, PTA Website.

We are working to make our Hanawalt Website the forum for most information. Please check there first when you are needing information.

As a school system we are trying to go towards paperless communication as much as possible. You will see less paper coming home so please let us know if you need help accessing other modes of communication. Paper copies of information will be available upon request.

School Day

The Instructional day is from 7:40am-2:40pm. Students are released to class at 7:20am. They may arrive at school at 7:15am and go to designated spaces until the 7:20am bell. Students need to be in their classroom and ready to begin the day at 7:40am. Arriving late can add stress to a student, please be sure your child is at school in time to take care of morning routines and be ready to start by 7:40am.

Morning areas:


Gym 2nd, 3rd, 4th,

Library- 5th and Kindergarten

Art Room- 1st

Morning drop off is in front of the building. Please be mindful of others as you drop off in the morning. You may walk your child to their classroom. If you are walking them in, please drop them off in the front hall or at the classroom door. Teachers are in charge of supervision of all students starting at 8:00. They are not available to conference at that time.


Students pack up to leave for the day at the 3:00 bell. Options for dismissal are bus, Metro, car rider, or walker/parent pick up.

Car riders will be dismissed to the gym. From there they will be called as parents come through the car rider line. The car rider line runs down 56th on to Robertson and through the school parking lot. More information available under the parent tab on the website.

Walkers/Parent Pick Up- student are dismissed to the front walk way. There is supervision there until all students have been picked up.


Core Instruction: Core instruction are the blocks in which your child is involved in learning content:   Art, Health, Math, Music, Physical Education, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Writing

All students deserve an uninterrupted instructional block. For this reason we do not put phone calls through to classrooms. If you are dropping off lunch boxes, supplies, homework or other items for your child during the instructional day, please leave them at the office. We will get them to your child. Teachers are not available during the instructional day to conference. Please email or call your teacher to set up a time to talk with them.

Literacy–   Students will be involved in a balanced literacy approach each day in the development of their reading skills in grades K-2.   Hanawalt will also be focused on integrating non fiction reading and writing standards with science and social studies. Writing will be authentic and imbedded into all content areas.

Math- The district is still using Go Math as their main resource for instruction. We will also be using Eureka! as a supplement in some grade levels.

Science/Social Studies and Non Fiction Reading– Hanawalt teachers will be working to integrate these important subjects areas with non-fiction reading standards. Our goal is to provide challenging and relevant real world connections to these area. We are adding more project based learning and current events to these areas as well.

Curriculum Guides are available at

Leadership Framework built around the 7 Habits for Highly Successful People by Stephan Covey. Each classroom will have 15-25 minutes each morning to start the day in Hawk Team Time. This time is used to build pro social skills, learn and practice the 7 Habits, and to set and monitor classroom and individual goals.

Each classroom is encouraged to set up leadership roles within the classroom and we will be offering school wide leadership roles as well. You can find more information about the 7 Habits and the Leader In Me on their website.

Students will have Hawk Team Time for the first 15 minutes of each day. This is a time to build classroom community, practice pro-social skills and learn about the 7 Habits.

Attendance: Please consult the Parent Handbook @DMPS.

Birthday Invitations or treats:

Please talk with your child’s teacher about birthday treats. There are many dietary restriction and food allergies throughout the school. The teacher will know the needs of his/her classroom. Bringing in treats for your child’s birthday is optional and we encourage you to think of healthy alternatives. Even non-food items like pencils, erasers or other kid friendly items are a great way to celebrate your child’s special day and be respectful of allergies and restrictions.

Please refrain from bringing Birthday Invitations to school unless you have one for everyone in the class. Homemade treats of any kind are not allowed. Please see DMPS parent handbook for more information.

Food Reward: We will refrain from using as food as incentives or rewards.


The teacher will work with the Classroom Liaison when planning celebrations. The Liaison (room parents) will communicate with classroom parents.

Cell Phones: Students are not to have cell phones at school.

Conferences: Des Moines Schools will hold schedule conferences for every child in the fall and spring. Specific information will be communicated in September and January.


Reminder of the $25 text book and materials fee. You can pay it online at DMPS website or by check made out to Hanawalt School.


Lunch and recess schedule please see website under parent link.

Meal Prices:

Students: Breakfast: 1.65

Lunch: Reduced $.40 Full $ 2.70

Adults Breakfast: $ 2.05

Lunch: $ 3.35

Medicines: If your child takes medications at school, please see Nurse Sandy. No over the counter medicines are allowed at school.

Metro Kids Child Care: Metro Kids Care is district program that offers on site before and after school care. Programs times are from 6:30 a.m. until school starts and then again after school until 5:45p.m. If you are interested in this program, please contact the Metro Kids Care program at 242-7951.

PTA- We have a very active PTA. Please check the website or email our PTA Co-Presidents to find out ways you can be involved.

Recess: All students will get 30 minutes of free play recess each day. In addition brain breaks and movement are intentionally integrated into the day. We will go outside unless conditions are not safe or appropriate for play. Please dress your child for the weather so they are able to participate in outdoor recess. If there is snow, student must have snow boots and pants to play in the snow.

Schedule: The daily instructional schedule and lunch and recess schedule will be posted on the website under the parent tab.

School Wide Expectation: The following are the school wide expectations for the various common areas.

Standards Referenced Grading: Des Moines Public Schools is moving away from the A-F grading system and moving to a standards based grading system. This is a mind shift away from traditional point scales and a move towards students showing proficiency on standards using a 1-4 scale.

Grades 4 and 5 will be reporting out on this scale for the 2015-2017 school year. Grades K-3 will be using the scale this year but will still be converting the letter grading system. We will offer a series of parent information and Q& A sessions during this school year around Standards Reference Grading.