Hanawalt Celebrates 100 Years


At a glance Hanawalt Elementary School doesn’t strike you as a place that’s a hundred years old. After all, a good portion of it re-opened as recently as 2004 thanks to a major renovation project funded by the local option sales tax. And physical structure aside, the school teems with the energy that only a few hundred K-5 graders can generate. But it was indeed a full century ago that the original building, fondly referred to these days as “The Castle,” was completed about the same time that Dr. George Hanawalt died and the school board recommended naming the new school in honor of the prominent local sawbones.

Brick and mortar do age but schools like this one never do. The energy that keeps them running is timeless. That’s why it makes more sense to describe Hanawalt as truly a hundred years young (and going strong!).

What self-respecting kid wouldn’t want to go to school at a castle?


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