Peter Simon Visits Hanawalt

Hanawalt second grade students had the extraordinary opportunity to see, firsthand, the world renowned concert pianist Peter Simon on Friday, March 29th. The students learned about how the piano works and numerous classical composers including Wagner, Beethoven and Liszt.

Students were given a chance to use their imagination when Simon played a piano piece sounding like a cat and mouse chase. Each student was able to identify the cat and mouse characters by distinct themes and the mouse funeral by the sad melody. Simon, a former professor at the University of Iowa, believes in bringing classical music to each and every school in the nation to expose the beauty, power and educational benefits of classical music. The students were fascinated with Simon’s skill and knowledge and eager to learn more. Students said, “I’ve never seen someone play the piano that well!” and “It was really cool to hear him play familiar songs like ‘Here comes the bride’ and ‘Beethoven’s fifth symphony.”

Hanawalt students are able to start piano lessons through the district as early as third grade. If you and your student are interested in starting piano lessons please contact Ms. Ihnen for more information and an application.

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