A Day in the Arts 2024

Hanawalt’s “A Day in the Arts” 2024 went off without a hitch. Mother Nature blessed us with a beautiful day to bring creativity in and out of and all around our beloved school!
Our artists, musicians, movement/performers, Knuckle all 100% rocked the house. Students spent the entire day of school focused on the Arts and how they teach us teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, self-expression, confidence, and appreciation of other cultures. Each student experienced 3 artist’s workshops in the morning that day and a performance by Knuckle in the afternoon.
We did the things, sang the songs, created our masterpieces, banged the drums, strummed the guitars, danced our booties off, appreciated and welcomed things that were outside of our realms of prior existence and all experienced ALL the feels!
It was teamwork, collaboration, community, acceptance, LOVE.
Thank you all for making this happen for our magnificent kiddos!
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