Field trips and celebrations for Positive Behavior Day!!!

Positive behavior day was a big success at Hanawalt on Wednesay, February 27th. The school earned a reward day by receiving over 600 shoutouts for showing exceptional choices and behavior.  This is the first year students were tasked with creating a plan in their classroom on how they were going to celebrate. There were many great ideas as students showcased their leadership skills during our club celebration and classroom celebrations.

Mrs. Nordmeyer’s 1st grade class developed a plan to celebrate their positive behavior day by taking an in-school field trip to the cafeteria. They were given a tour of the kitchen, received permission to run the sprayer in the sink, use a monsterous can opener for a can of corn that feeds 24 students, check out the inside of the walk-in cooler and look at all the equipment that brings them their lunch everyday. Students wore hair nets and gloves to make sure they kept the kitchen space sanitary. Our lunch coordinators were execellent hosts and enjoyed sharing what they do for our school.

Other classes celebrated by creating a Harry Potter themed room, wearing pajamas, bringing their special stuffed animals, building towers our of spagehtti, painting, coloring  and creating to name a few.

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