A Day in the Arts (ADITA)

A Day in the Arts is returning Friday, April 28th, to our pre-COVID one-day format! We will spend an entire day of school at Hanawalt focused on the Arts and how they teach us teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, self-expression, confidence, and appreciation of other cultures. Each student will get to experience 3 artist workshops in the morning that day and a performance in the afternoon. When we get closer to the date, we will be looking for parent volunteers to be extra hands during the workshops. If you are interested, put it on your calendar and keep your eye out for more information. Currently, we are looking for any parents who are involved in the Arts and would be interested in teaching a workshop.

If you have interest or questions about this request, please reach out the the ADITA Parent Lead, Laura at lcamerona@hotmail.com.

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